A Summer in Paris

Studying abroad is an enriching experience. This past summer I went to Paris. The experience is unforgettable, from the food, friends and memories made. Studying in another country, is stepping outside one’s comfort zone. Experiencing another culture allows us to learn more about ourselves and where we come from.

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Cité Université

The Cité Université is a series of housing, where many of the students stayed. The housing is named after different countries, and each house aims to host a mixture of students from that country and others. Expect to meet lots of people from all over the world!

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An overview of the city from the Eiffel Tower. Public transportation in Paris is one of the best. From the Cité Université, traveling isn’t a problem. Besides that, there also is the opportunity to travel to other countries besides France.


Expect to become extremely close with the people you meet. Studying abroad with other students is a bonding experience. All the shared memories will make you smile, laugh and maybe even cry when it’s over.

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La Tour Eiffel

Visiting the Eiffel Tower on multiple occasions, from pic-nicking to watching fireworks on Bastille Day. There’s so much to do and an abundance of events that happen within Paris, don’t miss out on all the opportunities!

Saint Malo

One of the weekend excursions to Saint Malo in northern France. I remember this weekend because it was also the same weekend I had the best hot chocolate of my life in Dinon. Besides Saint Malo, there are trips to the D-Day Beaches, Versailles, Vaux le Victome, and many other trips and experiences.

Going to another country, speaking another language, learning about another culture are all invaluable experiences. Take the chance if you can, it’s a learning experience. From learning more about yourself to the place you call home.


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