People Make Glasgow Part 2

So, as promised, here is the second part of my Glaswegian experience.


At the end of week 2, some of my flatmates and I went to discover the Glasgow Necropolis, which is conveniently located right behind Strathclyde. You hardly have to exert yourself at all. It was a cold day, and as you can see, a tad snowy. But it was beautiful. Refreshing. Peaceful.


This is the lovely George Square. I was here for an international center pub crawl event week 4, walked through it with mountaineering club around the 2nd month, and explored it by myself on particularly rainy days. This day, I was out by myself. George Square is iconic to Glasgow and a very central spot. It is, as you can also see, very beautiful.


At the end of week 4, my flatmates and I took a weekend trip with the Strathclyde international center. They were taking us to the Isle of Skye, a supposed beautiful spot of Highlands. Once again, it was cold and snowy – we actually ran into a blizzard of sorts halfway up – but they did not lie about the supposed beauty one bit. If I could post all of the pictures of it, I would, but I’m choosing to focus on this because of the significance it holds. I, after all, am an honorary Scot. You may also recognize this spot, known as Glencoe, as a flyover shot seen in the Prisoner of Azkaban movie.


Last one – I went out with these girls often. The one on my right is still one of my best friends to this day, 7 months after I’ve flown home. Whenever her Scottish friends had a birthday, she would bring me along as a sort of plus one. This night was one of the latter evenings, one of my last ones out with her and them. We always had a great time.

Part 3 to come later next week, but that will be the final one.

Cheers xx


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