Melbourne Exchange Tips

“Book a return flight trip before you leave to the country. You can always change your flight back to the home country at a small fee if needed. It is usually cheaper than booking two one-way trips if you don’t know exactly when you are coming back.” -Junior, Mechanical Engineering

“If you decide to live in the suburbs, make sure to get a concession card for public transport (only available to exchange not international students) — it’ll save half the price. Also, you are able to the change trams, trains, buses for 0 charge within 2 hours of the first time $$ was deducted . Taking the tram in the city is free — if you tap, YOU WILL be charged. Officers do check frequently so make sure you tap when you’re supposed to and always bring your concession card. I heard that Melbourne Central charges you around $9 for the concession card, but if you get it somewhere else they only charge around $3.” -Junior, International Business

“Plan classes well ahead of time, and research the city.” -Sophomore, Business

“I would only recommend people at RMIT to find their own apartment or house like I found most exchange students did (off gumtree site), don’t stay at the RMIT Village.” -Senior, Psychology

“Since Melbourne is known for their coffee and cafes, brunch can range from $14- $20 AUD. Overall, I guess it balances out since you don’t have to pay tips” -Junior, International Business




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