People Make Glasgow Part 3



Above and below are pictures that were taken within the same weekend. During my last month in Scotland, I sought to visit as many of my friends’ hometowns as I could. So I made it to all of the ones who mattered most. Here, I’m with my good friend still who lived in Inverurie, Aberdeen. We were house sitting for one of her neighbors and got to spend some time with this lovely guy, Indie.


As I said, this picture was also taken around the same time as the one above, perhaps only a day later. The cows are kind of far away – they wouldn’t come up to the fence to greet me, unfortunately – but if you look closely, you’ll notice that they look a wee different than “normal” cows. These orange, extra-hairy, horned cows are specific to Scotland, known as Highland cows, or Highland coos, if you’d like to say it in the right ol’ Scottish way, and are typically found up in sparse areas of the Highlands.


Toward the end of my stay, my good friend and I stumbled upon The Lighthouse. Though not a real lighthouse, the building allows for a great view of the skyline of Glasgow. One can even go outside, if you so choose, and take pictures from a secure balcony. I was just glad I was able to make it here before I had to leave. In fact, it was today that I had to leave this good friend behind.


So as you’re guessing the theme of this last post, I also took this photo while off visiting another close friend of mine. Though he had meant a little more than just that – so I’d found the picturesque landscape of the Prestwick beach at sunset a great place to take a snap. He’d apparently thought so too and took one of me when I wasn’t looking. See – the sun does sometimes shine here in Scotland. Just got to know where to look for it.


By this time, it was late June and I had to kiss my travels goodbye. This is a photo I took with my flatmates – the three other girls in front, though we’re missing one – and the rest were our “international boys”. Friends from Macedonia, France, Singapore and Ukraine. This photo was taken a few days before most of them left, in the heart of George Square.

If you get anything out of this, it’s that traveling is not just about the opportunity to study in another country, but the opportunity to immerse. Cal Poly Pomona’s exchange program really allowed me to blossom into the person I’d been trying to be before. So – don’t hesitate to come in and learn about your opportunity to flourish in another country. Though I would highly recommend Scotland myself, any of them will do the trick.

Cheers xx



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