FIE Quarter Programs

FIE offers 6 quarter program options. The programs coincide with the calendars of most institutions operating on a quarter or trimester system.

Students interested in a fall internship program are encouraged to enroll in FIE’s full Fall Semester Study & Internship or Service Internship Program, which typically does not overlap other quarter or trimester sessions. FIE also offers a study-only Fall Quarter program.

FIE offers two Winter Quarter programs, one of which is an internship program. Seniors may especially benefit from these programs as they are able to return to their campus for their final spring quarter or term.

The Spring Quarter program offers a number of health related courses and is a great option for students in the health sciences.

The Summer Quarters offer either a full quarter in London or a Dublin/London combination quarter.

While these programs are designed for students on a quarter or trimester system, students from semester-calendar schools are welcome to apply.


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