Welcome to Scotland

Studying abroad in another country is a dream that most college students have. I’ve also met countless other alumni that wished that they had taken the opportunity to study abroad while they were in college.

It’s the overwhelming theme.

You should go.

And so I did. Because I didn’t want to be one of the people who wished that they went when they had the chance. My country of choice is Scotland in the winter which is actually a wonderful time to go. But maybe here isn’t your cup of tea. Maybe France is calling your name. Or Spain. Or somewhere exotic like Korea. Whatever may be calling your name, you should absolutely look into it.

This blog will follow my time here in Scotland as I spend some time away from home and exploring a new land. I hope that will perhaps inspire you to also take the scary plunge into an adventure like no other.

In some ways I am experiencing this journey a little differently than my fellow Cal Poly students. I was one of the only students who thought that traveling to a country where not only is it much colder than CA but it also rains a lot more and do that in the winter time. No one here understands why I chose Glasgow at this time, even when I explain that I wanted some time away from our ever present heat. It also makes you appreciate the sun a bit more because when it decides to grace the land with its light I take the opportunity to do a little bit of sunbathing and soak in the sun.

I’ll leave off the post here. Next time I’ll share a little bit more about this bustling city of Glasgow and some of my adventures.


Alex Henderson


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