I only recently found out that pictures can be uploaded as well. Silly me.

With that discovery I have uploaded some from my time here. They aren’t just from Glasgow as well. Since I have traveled around a little bit I also have some from London and Edinburgh. And in the interest of not having an overwhelming amount I tried to limit how many I put up so hopefully this is a digestible amount.

Now, without further ado I bring you…

A Glasgow Sunset.

This was taken within the first month that I was here. A walk along the river provided this wonderful show.DSC_0129DSC_0135

The beautiful city of Edinburgh. Not as homely as Glasgow however.DSC_0288DSC_0293

Arthur’s Seat shrouded in mistDSC_0336

The fading light of Edinburgh and a selfie DSC_0389

The city sky line of Glasgow on a cloudy dayDSC_0613DSC_0624DSC_0821

My first castle! Castle Tantallon is a must go to for anyone who comes out here. There are a ton of nooks and crannies that you can explore and the view from the top is awesome.DSC_1003DSC_1007

Bass Rock. Home to a lighthouse and a million seagullsDSC_1010DSC_1012

This was taken in the town of North Berwick. Also a must go to place for anyone who wants to come to Scotland. It’s a lovely little town.DSC_0100DSC_0048

Glasgow once againDSC_0133DSC_0154

Loch Lomond via Balloch DSC_0271DSC_0272

Went to London for the day on a whim. Gorgeous day for it too DSC_0453DSC_0463DSC_0507DSC_0525

Thank you for having a look through my pictures. Hopefully, I can put up a few more in a couple of weeks. Till then,




I have been in Scotland for almost four months now and I would say that is a great time for reflection on my time here. There are moments in life where one could say that they have an adventure of a life time and I can honestly say that this has happened.

Going back to the beginning I will admit that it was a scary decision for sure (how could it not be?). I had a 20+ hour journey with three different airports (four including LAX) and no sleep the entire time. My first day was kind of a blur as I tried to figure out life and more importantly… food.

And coming here in the middle of winter? How crazy could a person be to do such a thing especially if they live in CA where the sun always shines? I must admit that is one thing that has really been asked of me when people find out that I am an international student. They also find it crazy that I enjoy the cold so that was one of the factors that made me want to come but with me coming at this time I have been able to see what the arrival of spring properly looks like. Between cloudy days and temperamental rain of course.

I also got to see a lot of snow and be caught in a couple of small snow flurries so take that So Cal! (Don’t worry, I still love you though).

There are so many little details that you grow to enjoy while you are overseas. For example, when it comes to grocery shopping there are times where you don’t know if the store will have this type of cheese next week (for some reason that varies so much each week). It becomes an mini adventure on it’s own.

Exploration is another key part of going abroad. In a city like Glasgow there is a lot to see and do. Traveling outside the city is also very much an option and everywhere you go it is like you are traveling to somewhere completely new. Edinburgh is the other major city that I have traveled to. It manages to capture a different feel than Glasgow has or Dunbar or any of the other smaller cities that I have been to.

Classes are different as well. More is picked for you and your major is laid out in a set path for you. Unlike back home there is not as much freedom in what you chose to take for classes or who is your professor. Assignments can also be nonexistant or if you do have a lot of assignments you may not even have to take a final. This is quite a strange feeling (I have to take finals for all my classes though, didn’t get lucky with that) as with my home university, we were expected to keep up on assignments, midterms (whenever they may be and sometimes multiple ones), hold down a job or two, commute to university, and still function well enough to possibly join a club or two and take your finals at the end. All in all, it’s a bit lighter here with course work.

I could go on for pages into what I have learned and done but I will finish with one last question. Would I do it over again? Absolutely. Coming from someone who has never gone to a public school until University and has rarely done anything on her own this trip has taught me a lot about not only myself but also about the world outside of my state and country.

Welcome to Scotland

Studying abroad in another country is a dream that most college students have. I’ve also met countless other alumni that wished that they had taken the opportunity to study abroad while they were in college.

It’s the overwhelming theme.

You should go.

And so I did. Because I didn’t want to be one of the people who wished that they went when they had the chance. My country of choice is Scotland in the winter which is actually a wonderful time to go. But maybe here isn’t your cup of tea. Maybe France is calling your name. Or Spain. Or somewhere exotic like Korea. Whatever may be calling your name, you should absolutely look into it.

This blog will follow my time here in Scotland as I spend some time away from home and exploring a new land. I hope that will perhaps inspire you to also take the scary plunge into an adventure like no other.

In some ways I am experiencing this journey a little differently than my fellow Cal Poly students. I was one of the only students who thought that traveling to a country where not only is it much colder than CA but it also rains a lot more and do that in the winter time. No one here understands why I chose Glasgow at this time, even when I explain that I wanted some time away from our ever present heat. It also makes you appreciate the sun a bit more because when it decides to grace the land with its light I take the opportunity to do a little bit of sunbathing and soak in the sun.

I’ll leave off the post here. Next time I’ll share a little bit more about this bustling city of Glasgow and some of my adventures.


Alex Henderson