Melbourne Exchange Tips

“Book a return flight trip before you leave to the country. You can always change your flight back to the home country at a small fee if needed. It is usually cheaper than booking two one-way trips if you don’t know exactly when you are coming back.” -Junior, Mechanical Engineering

“If you decide to live in the suburbs, make sure to get a concession card for public transport (only available to exchange not international students) — it’ll save half the price. Also, you are able to the change trams, trains, buses for 0 charge within 2 hours of the first time $$ was deducted . Taking the tram in the city is free — if you tap, YOU WILL be charged. Officers do check frequently so make sure you tap when you’re supposed to and always bring your concession card. I heard that Melbourne Central charges you around $9 for the concession card, but if you get it somewhere else they only charge around $3.” -Junior, International Business

“Plan classes well ahead of time, and research the city.” -Sophomore, Business

“I would only recommend people at RMIT to find their own apartment or house like I found most exchange students did (off gumtree site), don’t stay at the RMIT Village.” -Senior, Psychology

“Since Melbourne is known for their coffee and cafes, brunch can range from $14- $20 AUD. Overall, I guess it balances out since you don’t have to pay tips” -Junior, International Business




RMIT Experience in Melbourne, Australia

Here is a collection of photos and stories of my experience during the Fall semester (yet, Winter/Spring in Australia) at RMIT in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


5Part of RMIT’s orientation was an optional third day trip (first 2 days are getting to know the uni and city of Melbourne). That third day we got to go to a petting zoo and feed Koalas, Wallabys, and Kangaroos! Here, my friend Fabian, on the left, and I bought some grass for $2 and fed multiple Roos. We also went further south that night to witness penguins marching to their shelters on land from being in the ocean all day. It’s only 30 or 40 dollars at most, and is a great way to meet more exchange students.

1This is along the Yarra River about an hour outside the city. RMIT offers a bunch of trips throughout the semester and this was one of the first ones. It was a day of river rafting (it was pretty tame) and some rock climbing. Super fun.


2Another trip offered was a trip to multiple wineries in the Yarra Valley. A bus was chartered for students (all of which were exchange students), that drove us to each winery where we could taste the local wines. Was only $45, really great fun to see the scenery outside the city. This winery in particular had wild kangaroos running around their vines. Best part was not having to drive after all the wine!


7Myself and other exchange student friends going to a free Australian Rules Footy match! Also known as AFL. They had a day for international students to get free tickets, also gave us free cheesy hats. Australia and RMIT takes good care of its international exchange students.


3Me paddle boarding in the Whitsundays. An exchange student organized a trip for 40 other exchange students up to Queensland where we stayed at Airlie Beach for a few days and then split into groups and chartered boats to cruise the Whitsundays (a collection of islands where the Great Barrier Reef is). Best trip of my whole life, most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.

4The city of Melbourne as seen from Princes bridge! This is only a 15 minute walk from RMIT since the university is located right in the heart of the city and couldn’t be better situated. There’s endless things to see and do after class.